Go-fuzz targets

To fuzz Go code, use the setup steps to install all the needed dependencies. Then, specify the package and method to fuzz in the harness field.

This is an example of the configuration of a target written in Go, with a fuzz method named FuzzMe in package github.com/x/y/z/a/b/c:

# ---- base, global setup, and global environment omitted
language: go
version: "1.11"
# checkout specifies where in the Gopath to place your code
# this repository will be placed in the directory:
# ~/go/src/github.com/x/y
checkout: github.com/x/
- name: my-target
- dep ensure # make sure all dependencies are installed
corpus: ./my_target/corpus
# the name of your method
function: FuzzMe
# build tags are optional
build_tags: tag1 tag2 tag3
# package specifies the package to import the
# desired function from
package: github.com/x/y/z/a/b/c

You're ready to go! Push your project to Fuzzbuzz and it will detect your targets automatically.