Fuzzbuzz is a fuzz testing platform. We make it trivial for developers to add fuzz tests to their code and run them in CI/CD, helping them catch critical bugs and vulnerabilities before they hit production.

Note: Our docs are still a work in progress, and there are likely things we've mised - please join our Discord channel if you've got any questions!

How Fuzzbuzz works

Fuzzbuzz completely integrates into your environment, following you from the terminal to CI/CD. The entire workflow can be summarized in 4 steps:

  1. Write a fuzz test in your environment. Use your own IDE, terminal, build tools.
  2. Push to CI/CD and Fuzzbuzz will automatically start running your fuzz tests against your latest code changes.
  3. Get notified when bugs are found through Slack, GitHub or email.
  4. Catch regressions as new changes are automatically tested and compared to previous runs.

Quick Start

If you're already familiar with fuzz testing, or prefer learning with hands-on tutorials, you can get started by selecting your language below:

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Slow Start

If this is your first time hearing about fuzz testing, or want to get a more theoretical understanding of how it works, start here:

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